【Inori】 自傷無色 self injury colorless dance try 踊ってみた


【Inori】 自傷無色 self injury colorless dance try 踊ってみた

Hello everyone!
I really hope you enjoy my new dance try video!
And it’s also the 10th video on my channel YATTA!

It’s a sad and serious song I am dancing to, but I really like both, the song and the choreography, a lot. So I really tried my best to make it turn out as most beautiful as I could!

Inspired by the song and inspired by GuiltyCrown I really wanted to have a completely white background so Waku and I decided to book and film at C2 Studio here in Munich.
I enjoyed filming and dancing there so much and it was such a friendly atmosphere!

I really want to thank everyone for the kind support. I really enjoy dancing and the best part of it is knowing, that you enjoy watching!
It really keepy me going.
Thank you very much!!!

P.s.: Please excuse the reupload, I chose the wrong file first! Please enjoy!

The song in this video is used for non-profit, amateur, artistic expression only and belongs to its righteous owner.
Voice: Evalia